Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Russian Beauties, building Zvezda's Matador truck 1/100 15mm

     This is another of the kits that I did a sprue-review on a little while back and have finally gotten around to building. As always with Zvezda kits it is a little gem of detail and very creative thinking in the "make it a snap-tight: way. This truck was one of the real work-horses of the British war effort so if you are building a Brit army for WW2 you will need a goodly many of these. Good thing that they are only about five bucks US.

the main portion of the body of the truck

the funny little cross-member holds the parts tight;y in place

with the sides on the rear fenders are ready to be attached

they snap easily into place

the cab has its own cross-member

first the sides then the front

the chassis and axle & wheels ready to go

suspension sub-assemblies ready to be attached,
 the fit was perfect on these

I then snapped the cab into place, 
like the GAZ truck this could be the basis of a good many conversions

then the bed snaps into place

ready for the roof

done, and a fine-looking model it is



the driver's side

     The detail on this model was crisp and delicate, assembly took less time that typing this posting and the fit on the parts was superb. This kit is an excellent model and an excellent value as well.

     Very Highly Recommended!

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