Sunday, February 17, 2013

Building the Zvezda KhT-26 flame tank 1/100 15mm

     This little model hardly needs an assembly article, but I have dome them for all of the other kits so here we go;

the front of the box, nice illustration

the back of the box has the assembly instructions, they cover it pretty well

the upper and lower halves of the turret, this snaps easily into place

the hull ready for assembly, 
I joined the upper and lower pieces and then added the track assemblies
even thought they snapped into place I went ahead and glued them on

an ungainly looking tank, the model captures the look perfectly, 
hopefully Zvezda will explore the other variants of the T-26 as well

side view

front view

3/4 rear view, the detail on this kit is very good

      There you have it, dead-simple and a good looking model as well. Early-war Russian gamers should have a couple of these up their sleeve just to give their opponents fits.

      Very Highly Recommended

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