Friday, February 8, 2013

Final Nemesis


 Well, I finally took the time to complete the paintwork and add a dash of detailing on Nemesis. I think this has turned out pretty well for a spin-off of a failed project (it WAS supposed to be a small torpedoe-boat when this all started, an effort that I need to return to) albeit a fair bit larger than first planned. Even when I had decided to finish this project I still managed to get distracted and burn a few hours on stuff that would have been fine if left alone.

this is the sort of thing that always get me into trouble, a ship needs a boat,
 so I built a little thing, just a bit of balsa and some card

but it looked dumb just sitting on the deckhouse,
besides it was squishing the handles on the doors

so I built a frame to hold it, the French loved complicated
 boat-handling equipment so it just seemed right,
rivets were needed. of course

we were having a "snow-event" so I made my own angle-irons from card
 instead of going to buy Plastruct from the hobby shop

ta-da! a boat rack

having burned an hour and a half on that I got down to gluing the bits into place
after I had built a crane to lift the boat, when will I learn!

finally, when the glue had set for a bit, 
it was time for the official portrait photo shoot.
the bows

the midships, a very busy place

and the stern

the stern view

more of that busy midships, 
that boat sure looks cool up on that nifty rack....

the boat is deployable, of course

a close-up of one of the secondary guns


the formal profile


I rather got carried away didn't I? must learn to minimize deck clutter

formal profile the other way

and one with a ruler, for giving a sense of scale

         All in all I am pleased with the result. She may be a bit too modern looking and not VSF enough to make me really happy but it turned out well enough. I would like to thank everybody who provided input, encouragement and advice (even if I didn't follow all of it). Another half-dozen or so models and I will be able to put on a game!


  1. That is an amazing bit of modelling. Very very well done!

  2. Absolutely brilliant, Anton! Well dnoe, Sir!

  3. Oops! Well done, I meant! Been at the old port this evening, Old Chap!

    1. If I have impressed the likes of the Good Colonel then I can rest well pleased indeed!

      I can appreciate a bit of the Old Port myself, a personal favorite is Fonseca Bin 27. Not a classic but good for daily use, to keep the blood in top condition as they say.

    2. BTW Tex Wingspan is brilliant!

      How do you find time between making and gluing on rivets?

  4. Very nice modeling. I'd be proud to sail on her in adventures of the VSF kind.

  5. She's brilliant Anton! I'm glad that you ignored my advice and went with the gray hull, that was the better choice as I see now. I think the work you put into the boat and crane paid off, it loos very convincing.
    Looking forward to seeing her crewed and in action!

    1. Crewing the existing ships will be a project in and of itself, I will soon be ordering grew figs from Pulp, TVAG and Reverisco; does anybody else out there know of other sources for naval crew minis in 28mm?