Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spending the afternoon with some Russian beauties, Zvezda that is, Part III Building the PZ III Flam 1/100 15mm

     Having reviewed this kit some time ago I finally got around to putting it together. As anyone familiar with Zvezda kits would expect it went together without a hitch, the fit and finish of the parts was superlative. I still can't believe that these are snap-tight kits, they simply are as good as plastic gets in this scale.

box art, OK but not great

the back of the box, with the detailed assembly instructions

the contents

again, I would like to point out the attention to detail on this kit

the parts ready to go

the hull side snap neatly into place

hull sides on and track assembly ready to go

lower hull done

the superstructure snaps into place on the mudguards

like so....

.......then they both pop onto the lower hull, 
again note the nearly seamless joints
 and remember that this is a snap-tight kit

turret assembly consists of adding the commander's cupola and the turret bustle

and done

as I said earlier, there may be differences,
 but this looks a LOT like a late-pattern PZ III l/m to me



       Again a standard-setting product from the fine folks at Zvezda. This kit will find many uses in a WW2 German force. You would have to search for a long time to find anything that comes close to this kit in price or quality.

      Very highly Recommended.

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