Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nemesis, decision time

Well I have settled on two paint schemes to choose from, both are legitimate historical patterns and different enough from the yellow/black patter that the other ships are painted in to ensure there is no confusion. To test the schemes I painted one side of the ship in one pattern and the other side of the ship in the alternate pattern. I then flipped the images in Paint so that they looked more alike. Below you will find the pictures;

     Comments welcomed, other paint schemes still an option right now, but this project will be put to rest by Thursday night. Thanks to everybody who have provided comments, suggestions and links, here and over at TMP.


  1. I was leaning toward the dark but if you are going to paint the detailing on the tubes and deck guns, I think the light would provide more contrast and appeal.

  2. Either one looks OK, but I think the lighter gray scheme (top) is better.


  3. Awesome, I like the black hull.

  4. Black hull for the LCF (Looks Cool Factor).