Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Plastic Soldier Company and Zvezda builds

    My old pal Gary over at oldSarges Wargame and Model Blog clearly had more free time over the holidays than I did. He has posted a number of  photos covering the Zvezda T-70 and the Plastic Soldier Company Tiger I kits, beautiful work indeed! 

      He also has a post covering the future releases from Zvezda. Among them a 1/100 T-35, a KV-II and a 1/144 Polikarpov PO-2 recon plane (eyes in the sky for Soviets!) as well as a bunch of 1/72 scale infantry including Partisans. I must say that I am excited that Zvezda continues to expand this range as all of their work thus far has been top-notch and inexpensive to boot.

    Take a look at Gary's other posts, he is a much better modeler than I am, and whiz with an airbrush to boot.


  1. Thanks John! Just got off my butt for a change. Would of posted more but caught the cold/flu bug or whatever it is. Marsha and I spent New Year handing each other tissues. Still not a 100% going back to work was a long day.

    Got a few more tigers paint in different schemes. On the table are late tigers, plus Zevzda SdFk 222. These little Armor Cars are the bomb. Hope have them ready for pictures this coming weekend

    Happy New Year

  2. @Andrew J. McCory, I was excited when I saw that too, here is hoping that they do a T-28 as well!

    @Gary, Hope you and yours are feeling better. I can't wait to see your late Tigers. I still haven't picked up any 222s yet. Now that the holidays are over I can look forward to things settling down a bit so I might just order a half-dozen or so. Are you plasnning on heading to Spartacon?

  3. Should have the 222 finished by Sunday. Just need to decal and weather. Was kicking around going to Spartacon. But the way my brains works these days.I will remember about 1:00 PM on the day that I was going.

    Marsha has color again. Me still caring a bag of tissues.