Monday, January 21, 2013

The Colonel undertakes an astounding Project!!

    Col O'Truth  has embarked on another one of his madly rivetty projects and it looks to be his biggest yet; pop by and take a look but start at the bottom of the page to fully grasp the magnificent enormity of it all.

   I am humbled by his breadth of vision and his capacity for applying rivets (particularly the rivets).


  1. For the 26th I have what appears to be a quick Arab/Israeli CY6! game I can run. It will only support three players so depending on how many people plan to come, we can just run it early assuming Kris can come down early and you are available. This will finally get us out of the Operation Moked scenarios. (although with the Egyptians up 67-13, this is more or less a formaility.

    I forgot to ask on the weekend: did you dispose of the rest of those small-drawer miniature cases? I took one of the short ones, but it is not large enough.

  2. I second the call to take a trip to the Colonel's modeling blog!

  3. Hey Whatever happened to the blue broad trenches? Been waiting to see the finished product?

    Questions on CY6 what scale aircrafted are used? Wondering if 1/100 or 1/144 would work for WW2 CY6. Also if you want I can loan you my Musket & Tomhawk rules if you wish. The rules are just collecting dust.

    Hope to post pictures of my Late tiger I and Sdfzk 222. Working on Pz III flame tanks, Stug IIIB's and BA-10's. The StugIII are amazing..


  4. Gary,
    the trenches ran into a snag when it got to sandbags....I will have to work up the nerve and set aside the time to make about 14' worth of bag revetments.....after that it is easy.

    RUP runs CY6 in 1/300, works great. I guess that you could run WW2 in 1/144 as the planes are a LOT smaller they would still fit on the hexes.

    Looking forward to your next posting on your blog...

    I still have the cabinets, you are welcome to any or all of them. CY6 sounds like fun; hopefully I can continue my run as the Unlikely Ace of Egypt!

    Isn't the Good Col an amazing guy? I know not where he finds the patience for all those rivets!