Monday, January 28, 2013

Nemesis Arises Redux

     After failing to build a torpedoe boat I decided to upgrade Nemesis to a light cruiser sized vessels. This allows me to fit all four torpedoe tubes onto the hull and fit an array of guns as well.  Turning to the French idea of a commerce raider, heavily enough armed to defeat anything fast enough to catch it and fast enough to outrun any thing that can out-gun it she will sport a pair of eight inch guns as well as four each five inch guns and torpedoe-launchers.

the foam hull was pretty uneven and I used 60grit sandpaper to smooth the shape,
 keep a shop-vac handy if you are going to do this, it is very messy

the hull-form was looking a lot better now

some people see these as tie-rack pins, I see cannon barrels

they just need a little sanding to put a taper on the barrel

not much taper, but it makes to resulting gun look so much better

more wood bits converted to cannon parts

see what I mean, coming along pretty well

with the parts all prepared assembly can begin

first, a tiny dab of wood glue, spread this thinly, you don't need much

you do need to press firmly into place for about twenty seconds

another tiny dab of glue

spread it thinly before assembly

and press into place

a small square of ply serves as the cradle

two short bits of dowel are the recoil cylinders

be sure they are square and evenly spaced

a strip of paper glued around the end of the tie-rack pin 
makes the breach end of the barrel look more convincing

not bad for less than a dollars worth of parts and a few minutes of time

be sure to center the barrel

then a quick check to see how the "look" is developing

this arrangement looks interesting

a couple of wooden blocks stand in for a con and the deck-houses

I am not entirely sold on the four skinny funnels

the smaller guns will need sponsons to gain end-on firing arcs

next comes the fun of cladding the hull in card (yeah)

       I still have to decide on the funnels and the final arrangement of the the deck housings and fixtures, I will have to take a look at Conway's and Jane's to get a better feel for what the real ones looked like. This will be the lead ship for my OpFor navy. I still haven't decided what paint scheme to put on it. Heck, I still haven't decided what navy it is going to belong to!


  1. You are having way too much fun! Model on...great work, Sir.

  2. I'd get rid of the forward funnels at the least.

    I think a larger (oval?) funnel replacing the aft two would look better as well.

  3. I think the four funnels together give a much better appearance and evoke what a cruiser of the pre-dreadnought period looked like.

    You do excellent work!