Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nemesis Advances, UPDATED

     After sleeping on it, and reading the input from comments here and on TMP I decided to go with three slightly shorter funnels. I had realized that the six-funnel monsters were all armored cruisers and that many lighter cruisers had between two and four. Rather than cut down the Epipen tubes that I was using for funnels earlier I determined to make my own from rolled paper. I used the pen tubes as a form and slid the paper tube off when the glue had dried.

 I decided to add the rivets while waiting for the glue to fully dry

then I slid the funnel off of the Epi-pen  tube

slightly wider and a wee bit shorter 

the beginning of a hinge, fold the paper over and press the crease in 
(next time I will remember to take a decent photo)

when you straighten out the fold it creates a ridge that serves as the hinge-pin

cut the hinge out of the paper strip carefully

I added a base to the funnel as I did not fancy trying to 
add rivets after I had attached the funnel to the deck

another "look check", and the Captain gets a first look at the new ship

you need to check your gun axis height, 
no point in adding railings that will get blown off!

the secondary guns will end up with a lower railing

railing posts installed, just waiting of the line to dry

all she needs now is a launch and a couple of masts

very business-like, I am starting to like the way this one turned out

     Now I have to make up my mind who the OpFor really is, I try to use historical paint jobs on my models (even if the ships themselves are more like cartoons than models) so I need an enemy whose paint scheme is either very stylish or very outlandish. Not to say that the paint-jobs can't be both. No camouflage,  it seems so pointless on a ship that creates huge plumes of black smoke when running, a nice bold color scheme is what is needed. Hmmmmm....................

UPDATE: Now with railings and masts!

to me it never feels like a ship until the railings are on

one funnel got shifted to the rear to make room for a mast 
that will have a crane for the launch that will sit on top of the deckhouse

the deck is still really crowded

3/4 stern shot

dead aft

the crew sizes her up

I think that I will need to order more crew!

yep, a LOT more crew

I really like how the deck house turned out

test paint job in black and light gray

I think I might just switch to a dark gray hull with pale blue-gray upperworks


  1. Why not dark gray hull, white upperworks and funnels with the very top of the funnel being dark gray again. Masts could either be white or natural varnished wood.


  2. I like the stripey funnels here: http://www.planetdiecast.com/index.php?&option=com_myblog&show=jsc-017-mikasahtml&Itemid=157

    Dazzle would always be interesting. There is a nice resource here: http://dazzle.risd.edu/

  3. Wow, you are your own shipbuilding yard. Way to go! Nice engineering order to make new stacks and the paper working shop did fine job producing them. Plus every model builder needs a gauge or two. Cool job.