Monday, January 28, 2013

On Funnels

     The reason for the forest of funnels on the latest model is simply this; that is how they built them "back in the day". Review the funnely glory of these beasts! All pictures are from the delightful Big Bad Battleships website.

count 'em, SIX funnels, Yikes!

    This is what I was thinking of, still not sure what I am going to do, just pointing out the source of my ideas.


  1. Overshadowed by the more glamorous Dreadnought arms race, the Funnel Wars were a little known but important destabilizing force in Europe that ultimately lead to the Great War. In a bid to out do each other, the European powers added funnel after funnel to their warships in some cases it is rumoured, adding false funnels in a desperate attempt to one up their neighbours.

    The Funnel Wars came to a rather embarrassing end when while reviewing the French Fleet the great actress Sarah Bernhardt remarked: "The sign of a true Frenchman is not how many funnels he has, but how he uses the one he has already got."

  2. Great, I just spit coffee all over my wife's keyboard!

    Pat G, you are killing me

    Thant was brilliant!