Thursday, January 3, 2013

28mm Foot Knights from Eccentric Miniatures

    The things you can stumble across when wasting time on the interwebs never cease to amaze me (or is it that I am easily amazed????). I was searching for pictures of dismounted knights from the Teutonic Crusades when this popped up. Intrigued by the idea that somebody was selling weapons for 28mm knights (and promptly forgetting my quest for original artwork as the basis for uniform colors) I clicked the home button to find that they also produce complete knights to go with the weapons, in sets even. Most intriguing!

image1 (9K)
image of assembled and painted figures
 that I shamelessly lifted from the Eccentric Miniatures website

I right away imagined sticking the extra heads from other manufacturers on them to produce dismounted sergeants, then I frantically searched the site for crossbows (sadly, there are none) hoping to produce crossbow armed Norman footmen. Maybe if we all send them an email (or twenty or so....) they would be kind enough to produce a sprue of of crossbows, or bows even, and then a set of arms holding a decent length spear. That would be very nice indeed! Priced at $16.00US for sixteen figures these are very competitive. If you are thinking 13th century these could fill a spot in your army.

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