Thursday, February 14, 2019

Airfix HS-129 1/72 scale

Airfix always had cool box-art

     Still, in need of air support for my Late WW2 German force I dug around in The Vault and found this kit; a 1/72nd scale Airfix Henschel HS-129 attack aircraft. Unlike it's cousins the ME-109 and HS-123 this was a bit of an ugly beast of a kit. It certainly showed its age with raised panel lines, lots of flash and very poor fit of parts. But it fit the bill perfectly for a late war tank buster so it was off to the build table so that it was ready in time for Flintcon. A whole ton of sanding and swearing and it was completed, at least the decals were nice and thin

it started out looking like this,
hardly inspiring

the cannon looks ridiculous but is accurately sized

only the Nazis would hang a 75mm anti-tank gun under such a tiny plane


  1. What you need now is a Stuka tanker buster with a pair of 37mm guns.

  2. Oh academy make the Stuka tank buster in 1/72. It is the G model.

  3. I remember buildingbthat kit, seems like 30 years ago. Yours came out much better than mine; it looks quite nice.

  4. Gary, I was looking at that kit over at Squadron, but then I remembered that I had the HS-129 in The Vault

    Irishserb, It may have been longer than that; I think this kit came out in 1968 (and it may have been in my collection that long too!)