Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Looking for a little help from my friends.....

    OK, you don't have to like me, or even know me. I just want to pick the collective brains of the wargaming community out there (particularly the Old Grognards that might remember playing with these minis). A friend of mine just acquired a vast lot of minis of considerable age (the original owner had been kind enough to write dates on the bottom of the bases, most are from the early1970s) and I am frankly stumped as to the origin of most of them. So please grab a cup of coffee or other adult beverage and scroll though memory lane and see if you can lend me a hand.

       If you recognize any of them please post in the comments, I am currently searching through old magazines looking for illustrated catalogs.

28mm average build
 many more after the break

roughly 28mm

28mm , no clue

I thought these were Willies at first, 30mm

large slim 28mm

medium 25mm

Spanish sword and buckler, medium 28mm

Seven Years War, nice horse  welll detailed rider, smallish 28mm

slim 28mm

French Line in overcoats 28mm

average 28mm, love the toy soldier pose

small 28mm, slim

average 28mm

slim 28mm Prissians

32mm with giant heads, Dixon?

love the horse, and the pose, medium 28mm

a mish-mash, some Essex, some Minifig the rest ???????

24mm very slim, Scruby maybe?

medium 28mm 

I want to say early Essex large 28mm

30mm or so 

tall 28mm 

tall 28mm but very slim


  1. No help to you here. I was learning to walk in the mid seventies...😀
    But nice haul of classic figures.

  2. Pic 3 and 19 Prince August homecast, and I think 13 too.

    Pic 16 appears to be Hinchliffe.

    1. Thanks, there were some molds in one of the boxes but I haven't had a chance to examine them

  3. Look like Prince August figures. The others looks like hinchliffe. Check with link: