Friday, February 15, 2019

And Finally......Spartacon 2019

     It has been a disastrously hectic month for me and I have failed to bring this coverage of Spartacon 2019 to you, gentle readers, my apologies.  Hosted at the Lansing Center in Lansing Michigan in January. Once again the weather was sublime and the games were gorgeous while the Spartacon staff were friendly and helpful. I ran two games so wasn't able to get around to the tables as I had wished, photos are credited to my Associate Editor J&R, apologies to some of the games that got missed. I have tried to credit the Gamemaster and note the rules when possible.

(AEd Note: Personal apologies from myself as well. My internet is terrible and I missed our weekend games where I had intended to pass off the pictures. - JnR)

American Civil War - 15mm Johnny Reb rules
Jerry Scarborough & Tod Redfern

Ancients, 25mm
Romans vs Barbarians
Jeff Duncan

Force on Force
Chris Maes
Afghanistan 20mm
I have always preferred 20mm for this instead of 28mm, 
you get more of a sense of the emptiness of the modern battlefield

Franco-Prussian War
Mike Wedding

this is another period that I have always been fascinated by, 
ACW with fancy uniforms and real cavalry

very effective winter terrain

Rod Cain
this is a great bit of terrain
and absolutely beautiful figures

Andrew & Steve Jamison

I love the terrain panels,
 it looks like an aerial photograph

Ed Wilson

Renaissance, 1500s The Italian Wars
Mike Zajchowski

War of 1812, 54mm
Trip north of the Border
The Americans have crossed the border to burn some British supplies, but the British are having none of it and moved south to stop them.
Rules: Chosen Men
Ted Bender

World War 2, Desert Action
Paul Makoski
this terrain is absolutely lovely and the the models are very well done as well

it is the little touches that make it come alive for me

World War 2, Eastern Front
Larry Smith

Viet Nam, 20mm
Larry Campbell

more of those scenic details that make a table come to life

Demo games at Michigan Toy Soldier booth during 1st and 2nd sessions
What a Tanker!
Matt Koltonow

English Civil War, 1644 rules
Battle of Lansdown, Cornwall.
Glen Cooley

simple, but elegant, terrain and excellent figures


Great War in Africa
Bob Beattie

Pancho Villa
Vic Hiris
border trouble circa 1916 
quite a collection of western buildings

​Vietnam War, 20mm
Rules: Charlie Don't Surf (streamlined)
Michael Harris


  1. It was good to see the terrain you worked on "in the wild."

  2. I recognize that tanker table!
    It’s always fun to look at the pictures of the various games. Thanks for posting. 😀