Sunday, October 14, 2012

Too Much Stuff = Free Stuff

     Having cleared the storage area that is also the room that the furnace is in I have decided that there are more than a few things that I can live without. I will be posting them on the blog as I continue the process of sorting, members of the group get first dibs, then it will go to whoever posted first in the comments (they are time-stamped so nobody can cheat). Conditions are this; you pick-up or pay shipping ( I am generous, but not foolish), if you have already got one item you will be bumped down one notch on the next item.

       For starters I am going to give away a 28mm John Carter of Mars city, this is very professionally done in very sturdy card stock, fully colored, there are over a dozen buildings and some wall sections. Anybody interested can post a comment. I will be at Pro or Con on 27OCT12 and can hand off there. There is enough stuff here to pretty well cover a 6' x 4' table. I will post pictures after the table gets cleared and I can spread them out.


  1. i'm building a 30 years war army. So ill buy anything in 15mm for around that time

  2. My name is John and I'll take the Mars city. It'll go great with my Space:1889 stuff.
    I'll also take a look at whatever 25/28mm stuff you bring for sale so I can give you some $$$.

  3. John,
    As I said I will be at Pro or Con, if you can meet me there I will bring it, it fills five standard Xerox-paper boxes so be ready to haul some stuff (it doesn't weigh much but it eats up a LOT of space)this stuff is free, I paid nearly nothing for it and rather than just trash it out I would be happy to see it go to somebody that will use it.

    You are one of the "group" and get both dibs and freebies, I will scrounge around and you can HAVE any 15mm 30 Years War stuff that I haven't painted yet. I will set it aside for you when I am re-stacking the keepers.

    1. Anton,
      I don't know what you look like but I'm the red haired guy with a goatee. I'll be there before 9am and I'll be wearing a name tag.