Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wargaming to resume at John's place on 15JAN11

I will be resuming the regular Saturday night games after the holiday break. I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays and got cool presents.

Plan to be there at 1900hrs. No idea what we are gaming so if anybody has ideas please post in the comments.

We may be playing Dystopian Wars if I get off my ass and paint the models in time (and learn the rules!!!)



  1. Prussians & Brits, I'm guessing? Hopefully the rules are as good as the figures look.

    If that's not set up, I'll run an "Ever-Victorious Armies" fight.

  2. The rules are pretty clear and well presented, it is mostly intended for "fleet size actions" not infantry platoons. We may have to construct an interface so that they will work together.