Sunday, February 23, 2014

Congo 1963 as seen at Spartacon 2014

     I saw this game in passing only as I was busy running a game at the same time, it looked so extraordinarily nice that I almost cancelled my game to join in (but that would have been exceedingly poor form!), Rich Uncle Pat and Kris both played and hopefully they can provide some commentary. There clearly was a LOT going on in the game. The terrain and models were lovely and I understand that the game was presented by the redoubtable pair of Bob Beattie and Son. I would hope that R.U.P.  or Kris will be able to provide commentary to go with the photos.







  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like it was an interesting battle.

  2. That looks like a very cool day spent!

  3. Hey Anton, this is great. I had not seen it before. I took no pictures that day, so I really appreciate your efforts here. This game is based on the movie (and book) The Dark of the Sun. A force of mercenaries and some Katanga Gendarmes take train to diamond mine to rescue the civilians from the Simba (and rescue the diamonds). Great move, staring Jim Brown and Rod Taylor. One of the "Reel War" games that my son and I have done at Spartacon. In the book, the troops stop at a mission to rescue the folks there, not in the movie. The one guy is not shooting the nun, just rescuing her :) Thanks again for preserving this game.