Saturday, March 29, 2014

Uprising Miniatures 15mm figures

      To my delight and surprise I encountered a new line of Napoleonic miniatures while attending Battlefields Wargaming Convention over the weekend. And no boring "French Line Infantry" or "Stalwart British Lads" nonsense here, Uprising Miniatures produces a line of Polish, Lithuanian and Russian infantry for the revolt led by Tadeusz Kościuszko in 1794 against the Russians and the Second Partition of Poland. The figures are simply brilliant, with a slim, elegant line and crisp detail.

     In speaking with the proprietor of Uprising Miniatures I found out that artillery and some personalities are next, with cavalry to follow. At last some one has had the nerve to tackle something fully outside the mainstream. These are lovely figures and fully deserve your attention. I do not expect that they will end up on everyone's Christmas List but they certainly are worthy of a look, particularly if you want to run a Napoleonic Army that has a flair all its own.

     Very Highly Recommended


  1. I will add to this, they are also very reasonably priced. I picked up a Polish peasant army at the con for a reasonable price. Customer service was also top notch, my math skills are horrid and, upon realizing that I had not done my simple addition with the skill of a 3rd grader, I was graciously gifted with a free pack to make up the difference, as well as being given a good historical briefing and a "how to" on painting them...
    Interesting campaign, quality figures at a fair price, and great people.
    here is to their success in their endeavor

  2. John
    15-20-28mm???? Look like any of those scales.



  3. 15mm, they are anatomically correct so upon first inspection they look like 20's, but are in fact 15mm.

  4. Title of post: "Uprising Miniatures 15mm figures"