Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lace Wars Project Part II; Another Regiment joins the ranks

I am trying to stick with a disciplined painting schedule and have been working on this unit for a steady hour (minimum) a day. They still lack flags and groundwork but they are otherwise completed. They can be used as either Spanish or French line troops with a simple swap of flags.

As always comments, curses and jeering are welcomed....

I find it harder to paint the simple gray uniform than the blue jackets of the colonial troops

the variety of poses possible with the  multipart plastic models
certainly adds interest and variety to the unit

I particularly liked how this old sergeant came out,
 he is far more concerned with keeping his lads in line than anything the enemy is up to!

with only three basic poses I was concerned that the unit would look too regular, 
there is enough "wiggle room" in the way the models are set up that this isn't a problem in practice


  1. Keep at it, a little bit every day keeps things moving along nicely.

  2. To paint grey coats I start with Paynes Grey and gradually add white into the mix building up the highlights , it also works well for horses