Friday, February 10, 2017

Flintcon, Session Two Photo Extravaganza

Hey everyone, back with more pictures from Flintcon! Once again, I'm not giving full on reports of every picture, but a general feel of each game. Have a whole bunch of pictures, so I hope you are prepared.

"Betty Grable's Legs", 54MM World War II (By Tod Kershner)

Not exactly my style (I feel like with age, my preferred scales have gotten smaller), but the figures are lovely. There's nothing quite like seeing a group of tanks detailed 54mm vehicles to really get you excited, and this table was absolutely huge. My biggest regret here is that I didn't get a picture of his P-51 Mustang, but I kept waiting for it to be on the flight stand but never caught it.

Across a Deadly Field (By Mark Magdowski)

This was a great Civil War game to watch!... Or at least to come back to consistently during the con. I believe these are an older version of the ruleset Across a Deadly Field and not the new one, but it was great to come back each time and see so much movement across the field. A lot of time it feels like Civil War games can be a real crawl, but this had a ton of maneuver and movement in it. It's also awesome to see a full-on mass cavalry charge in a Civil War game.

Black Powder Round II (By Jon Carroll)

The second round of Black Powder by Rider's Hobby. Massed columns of French infantry against the thin red line. Again, I wasn't around for the result, but it felt like the French didn't do nearly as well as the previous game.

D-Day Round II (By Geoffrey Wing)

The second session D-Day game, which turned out to have more explosions than the last. Some fun stuff, with the Americans being able to clean out all the bunkers at the very end (including actually forcing the Germans to basically rout out of one). It also had appearance by a squad of flanking Rangers surprising Germans behind the lines.

Imperial Assault (By Adam Koziel)

A wonderfully done Imperial Assault game! The paint jobs for these figures were stunning, and the game included some terrain pieces made for the Imperial Assault game itself. I really hope the FFG guys increase their figure output (and while we are dreaming, lower their prices ;-) ) so I can start filling up my Star Wars RPG games with their figures.

 Marvel Zombicide (By Rob Gendron)

A cool game of modified Zombicide with some great-looking Marvel figures, as well as a special appearance by John Wick. Every time I watch Zombicide it feels like the heroes wander in from one terrible situation to another, but if it's going to happen, who wouldn't want someone like Hulk or Wolverine on your side?

Painting Station & Board Games
This was great, and I'd love to see more of them at cons! The figure painting area was full of young kids, and through my talks with the pros I definitely learned a few things about the paints that I'm using (largely that I probably need to change them) and figured out what to look for in an airbrush.

Along with this was the board game area. I didn't get down there as much as I wanted (it was down the hall from the main area) but it had a bunch of nice games setup. I dunno, I might bring one my COIN games down next year and see if anyone wants to try and solve the unsolvable.

"Down on the Farm", ACW Sharp Practice (By Michael Ovsenik)
I wasn't given the specific conditions for this game of Sharp Practice, but it looked like a fun game. A big shootout around the farmhouse that apparently didn't go the Confederate's way if I remember correctly. I was a bit distracted in trying to get new games, but I really want to try Sharp Practice after seeing both sessions of this at the con.

Sudan, the Sword and the Flame (By Ray Brammer)

Ray bringing out his colonials yet again, and they look as good as ever! The British were tasked with taking the well, but didn't have the same kick in their step that you'd expect of them. Maybe they were right, though; they did get thoroughly ambushed and the devious Dervish defenders even managed a to finish proper charge that forced the Highlanders to retreat! Sadly the tribal horsemen didn't get into it, but this was a great, tense battle to watch, even though the British never found the speed and confidence to get across the table.

 Vietnam (By Larry Campbell)

Flintcon... I'm still in only at Flintcon...

Well, here's the Larry Campbell Vietnam game. Larry always goes all out on his tables, and this was no different. His jungles are always dense, his paddies deep, and his scenarios full of surprises. Here we have an American company (I believe) running a clearing operation through the woods to secure a roadway. Unfortunately for them, they don't find Charlie, but a solid company of NVA, mortars, and a bunker complex waiting for them in the bush. With all that stacked against them, the Americans actually manage to rally and do pretty well, without taking too many casualties and losing no tanks or helicopters. As usual, a great game.

Empires Fall, Weird War I (By Lee Gaddies and Susan Howes)

Another great game from the pair that brought us the Wolfstein game at Pro or Con! A lot of cool steam tech on the field here, with the Kaiser's Best fighting against the Third Republic's Finest. I really can't wait to see what sort of weird game comes next (If I have a say, can it be Weird Spanish Civil War? I want some Anarchists in power armor! :-D ).

Alright, then. Just one more session to go (a lot fewer pictures, I should have that up tomorrow night when I'm not on my crappy internet) from the great fun of Flintcon!

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