Thursday, August 9, 2012

Warlords 28mm Natal Native Contingent

      Hot on the heels of the Zulus (however unlikely that would be in reality) come Warlord Games Natal Native Contingent. Crisply cast in a medium gray plastic these represent the local troops recruited by the British for the Zulu War. Commanding them are two metal Officer figures that are equally well-done. This fills a large void in the plastic Zulu War realm as many thousands of these troops were employed during the war.

box art, evocative and illustrative at the same time

back of the box, more painting ideas

the contents, seven sprues of plastic minis and two metals ones (in the bag)

side A of the plastic sprue

side B, note the good selection of weapons

plenty of heads to break up the groups

of course they are all terribly fit and active, almost like a DaVinci drawing

smaller shields and antique guns, but nicely detailed all the same

these should be SOOOOO mush easier to paint than the Zulus

the white officers are well-cast and actively posed

plenty of character here, they could be Old-West miners too

well-detailed and the fabric drapes convincingly
     These will also do for native contingents in many "Darkest Africa" scenario as well. These are also an excellent value at under a dollar US each they should soon form the backbone of many a colonial army.

     Very Highly Recommended,   Anton