Sunday, January 9, 2011


This year Spartacon was spared the customary "weather event", somehow nobody seemed dissappointed with that! I played in one game (a French and Indians Wars ) and hosted another. I had a blast in both.
I took some pictures but the hall was just dim enough that they ended up being rather dark.

The French and Indians Wars game had some breathtaking terrain that had been sculpted by Michael Harris and used his own (self-published) rules that were fun to play and easy to learn. The rules are set at what I call "large skirmish" level; individual figures but no personal characteristics.

Here are some shots of the game table, click on the picture to get an enlarged view;

I really like the vertical aspect of the terrain

Even better with the backdrop

The French Mission Station was nicely done

Roger's Rangers begin the ascent of the mountain while the war canoe heads downriver

Here are some other games that caught my eye, sorry to the gamemasters for not getting the details, they were all well done and the players were clearly having fun.

Photos of the Samurai Wars game, this is a staple at Spartacon and gets prettier every year, I have never had a chance to play as the sign-up sheet has always been full by the time I get a chance at it! New and different terrain along with tons of well painted minis really make this one pop.

This American Civil War game instantly reminded me of the battle paintings in the old Time-Life Civil War book. Very good indeed.

The Mexican-American war in 54mm, I didn't get to but glance at this game, from the sound of it the players were having a blast;

There was a very interesting double-blind Battle of Midway game using Axis and Allies Naval minis (but not the rules) the players were kept very busy and the models were very nice. I understand that these are the new Axis and Allied releases and they come pre-painted.

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