Friday, September 19, 2014

A visit with Kaiser Willie's Boys

     OK, so I promised a bit about the tank models. Too bad, I got hooked on painting the minis and pushed on and painted the German forces for the game. This was not as much fun as the Scots were, there were a lot more of them and some of the minis were, to put it politely, pretty crappy.

     I used models from HaT, Emhar, Tumbling Dice and Caesar. The quality ranged from frightful (Emhar)to very nice (Caesar). For detailed reviews take a look at Plastic Soldier Review for a better look at what is available in 20mm Great War Minis (plus a look at what the minis look like still on the sprue).

       So, with no urther ado we will me the Kaiser's soldiers!

the Hunnic Horde still on the painting tray
Emhars field guns the model is very nice, the gunners not so much

HaT's minenwerfer, the mortat looked that weird too

Emhars HMG, pretty basic but they do the job

Tumbling Dice 20mm metal figures, VERY nice but expensive

infantry platoons, mostly Caesar and a few Emhar,
the Caesar figures are very good

my T-Gewehr converted from an Emhar figure,
HaT makes one in heir German Heavy Weapons set

Emhars's sniper, probably the nicest figure in the set

Emhar's flame-thrower

command stands, mixed sources,
 the HaT figures are hampered by the odd "Spaceballs" helmet

more basic infantry

Stosstruppen, Caesar figures with HaT LMG

another view of the same lot

more grunts

Mitt Gott fur Koning vs For King and Country
the Kaiser's boys on the left, His Majesty's forces on the right
hardly seems a fair fight....................

until you factor in the tanks!

        I have just had the pleasure of seeing the Battlefront WW1 minis "in the flesh" they are very nice, everything that one would expect from a fine firm like Battlefront. Michigan Toy Soldier has them in stock now.


  1. The Stosstruppen look cool. Who wouldn't want to run into battle with body armor bedazzled with grenades?

  2. I was thinking that it was some BS until I saw a photo of a guy in that exact pose, all I can say it that it could lead to an explosive situation!

    The Stosstruppen were reminding of the Death Korps of Kreig the whole time I was painting them.....temptation, temptation.........

  3. Great work John as always. Any German Officers with a Picklehelm?

  4. I have figures but by 1918 they had pretty much learned not to wear them....made them too much of a target for snipers