Monday, September 8, 2014

Sometimes things just happen

A little while ago R.U.P. asked me if I had a tramp freighter in15mm, or failing that, if I could build one from a stock hull I might have lying about. The closest I had in models was a 1/200 scale Heller kit of a trawler, it was clearly not going to fit the bill. I dug out one of my pre-fabbed hulls to see what I could conjure up.

 A quick Google of "Tramp Freighter" provided a good indicator of the look that I needed. A few minutes later I was trying out some positions for deck-houses and the next thing I knew I was painting a model boat. I think it turned out OK.

Currently she is lacking life boats, davits and a host of other deck fittings, I will check with R.U.P. before I add any further details.

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