Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Battlefields; an after action report

    So another Pro-or-Con Battlefields event has come and gone, I ran my FoW Great War game and took part in a Viking raid game later in the day. This report will be broken down into digestible sized chunks starting with the Great War game and moving along from there. Unfortunately I lost my schedule of events and am thus unable to credit some of the gamemasters that ran the games. I will try to do better next time.

the FoW Great War game went well, with a full group of great guys learning the rules

the final tank assault decided the game, but the mortars and grunts laid the ground-work

one of the Mark IVs was repeatedly hit but repairs kept in action,
the Whippet that got hit twice in one turn by the German heavy mortar didn't fare so well
(that is it on fire in the middle of the picture)

the Scots made effective use of shell holes for cover on their approach

German casualties were high, mostly due to unlucky saving rolls

the Stosstruppen struck late, taking out a Mark IV in a close assault

     The game was called as a narrow British victory, the Stosstruppen took out one Mark IV and one Whippet was knocked out earlier but the German right flank was help by a single light Granatenwerfer and faced a strong platoon of angry Scots.


  1. Excellent looking table (and game).

  2. Robert Gendron ran the RAGNER RETURNS HOME game at Pro or Con. I have a copy of the schedule.