Thursday, November 20, 2014

The (brief) Return of Ragnar

   In the afternoon session of Battlefields I had the pleasure of playing in a Viking skirmish game based on the History Channel's "Vikings" series. The scenario was from the episode where Ragnar returns to find his home town over-run by his enemy's forces. I played on Ragnar's side. If the show had gone the way our game did there would be no further seasons. Again I apologize for not having the gamemaster's name, he was affable, erudite and kept the game moving along at a snapping pace. The rules were simple and straightforward and gave a satisfying result. Anybody with a copy of the program (or who simply knows who hosted this game) please respond in the comments so that I can give credit where it is due.
lovely terrain, beautiful figures neat scenario; this was a good game

the longship comes from Old Glory, minis from mixed sources painted largely by Fernando

the occupying forces were scattered all over the village

Ragnar's troops disembarked en-masse

the occupiers used Fabian tactics, falling back and gathering strength,
no Sagas for these cowards!

there were a surprising number of armored foot among the invaders

they continued to re-group

the peasants retired into the stockade

my group charged into the center of town to distract the enemy

some faster than others

three Vikings were (luckily) left to guard the longship


they pushed off as a group of the invaders approached to steal the vessel

my band of hard-charging warrior slammed into a solid wall of the invaders,
 and promptly began rolling misses on every attack!

meanwhile our "left hook" got strung out pretty badly and went into combat piecemeal

as my warriors struggled against the enemy's shield-wall another began  to form behind it,
things went from bad to worse as our die-rolling did not improve one bit

    This was a very fun game, only marred by our simply terrible dice. Beautiful figures and terrain and very well presented; well-done indeed!


  1. Convention info online says GM was Robert Gendron using his own homebrew rules. Chuck.