Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rigging the Pirate Sloop, The Disaster Edition

So I was working on the Pirate sloop, I have sorted out the standing rigging to my satisfaction. It looks right but leaves plenty of room to handle miniature (which is the reason for al this after all). I began working on the running rigging. On a real sailing vessels there is a complex web of lines that move the yard arms and another set controlling the sails. To make this manageable for gaming I had to severely reduce the amount of lines. I also had to keep in mind the idea that the masts will be removable from the hull for storage purposes.

This is where disaster struck. I had added some detail (a pin rail or three specifically) just to make the boat look better. The problem is that the pin-rails were glued to the hull. When I started tying the running rigging to them I neglected the idea that the mast needed to be easily removed from the hull (this after going to great lengths to ensure that the standing rigging was all detachable). I found that I had securely attached the masts to the hull via the running rigging.

I have to confess that a fair amount of swearing ensued.

The running rigging was all hacked away and is the waste basket.

Now I am back to just my standing rigging. At least the ratlines look pretty.

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  1. I would suggest a simple method for making your masts removable - tie the halyard line directly to the mast and then knot the other end which can slip into a "V" groove attached to the rail. It will take some practice tying the know in the right spot -but this wooks for me. - just slip the line out of the "V" slot and you can remove the mast!