Friday, August 21, 2015

Not an Excuse, but an Apology

I haven't been keeping up my posting schedule of late as this summer has proven to be quite busy. Of late I decided to build four new bookcases and to rearrange my library. This has proven to be a significant undertaking and has absorbed an inordinate amount of my time. Fear not! Both the Frontier Fort and Pirate Sloop build projects will continue as my schedule will become a more regular thing soon.

As proof of my labors I provide the attached photos of my New And Improved  library

 the southeast corner,
 history begins in the upper left corner and moves around the chronologically, 
ancients and middle ages on the left, Age of Reason and Napoleonic Era in the middle, US War of 1812 and Civil War on the right with some of the lower shelves given over to board games

 the southwest corner, the shelf unit on the right holds my Osprey collection, 
this is the one break from my system of arranging my books in historical order 
(but within themselves they are in chronological order)
 the northwest corner, Imperialism on the left, The Great War in the middle,
 and Round Two of the Great War (also known in some circles as World War Two) on the right
the northeast corner, the First War on the left, the Second in the middle,
 and the right has paperbacks, oversize editions and softbound/maps

I wish I had my regular camera, this stupid cell phone won't back out enough to take a full shot of the room. I built my own shelf units because I had found that bookcases came in only two varieties; shabby particle board rubbish and blindingly expensive real-wood rubbish. So I built them myself. Total cost of the four units that I added came to just over $200.00US. They are plain white pine with a red mahogany finish and a luan plywood back. Sanding, staining and varnishing took far longer than fabrication and assembly but sorting through the disorganized pile of books took longer than both combined! These shelves will comfortably hold over 150lbs per shelf without sagging.


  1. Great job - they look fantastic, as does your collection of reference material and goodies!

  2. That's quite a collection you've go there!!!

  3. It doesn't come close to my buddy, Tom from Texas, he once bought the entire contents of a specialist historical bookstore!