Monday, August 31, 2015

Upcoming Events at my Friendly Local Hobby Shop (Michigan Toy Soldier)

I am a firm believer in supporting the brick-and-mortar side of our hobby, not that I don't use the internet to communicate and make purchases mind you. I just think that if I can get an item from my local hobby store I should do so, I will even order it and wait the few extra days more than Amazon or isn't as if I don't have thirty years worth of back-logged minis to paint, so a day or so wait will go unnoticed.

Michigan Toy Soldier has embraced wargamers and goes to some considerable lengths to try to provide for our hobby so I do try to return the favor.

They are currently hosting open gaming on Saturdays and Thursdays, they have a nice area for gaming and have some terrain to hand.

For more details call them at 248-586-1022 or go to their website;

Just a heads up as to upcoming events at the store;

3SEP15 The store-hosted SAGA league starts play, 3 point armies, the League is already formed but check with the store for play times, watching others play is an effective way to see and understand the rules.

10SEP15  They are hosting a workshop on painting flesh tones, often this applies to larger figures but, with the recent increases in figure quality the faces on 25/28mm figures are worth the effort to really bring to life

19SEP15 Open Fire Flames of War Demo game with Mike Chapman, if you have been interested in these rules and want to get a handle on how they play before taking the plunge this is the perfect opportunity!

1OCT15 SAGA League  Game #2, 4 points

8OCT15 Painting Chainmail Workshop

10OCT15  Flea Market, bring stuff you aren't going to get/are interested in anymore. Sell it, trade it, give it away. This is great fun as long as the weather is good, lots of fun stuff to do. The store will host an extensive sale of their products and will also have product demos and wargame demos and they are offering free hot-dogs, chips and refreshments! Well worth your time!

17OCT15 Great War from PSC demo Game of this exciting new product from the ever-reliable Plastic Soldier Company (I might buy a game just for the minis!)

24OCT15 Annual Monster Mash, Demo Games of All Quiet on the Martian Front with the new releases added. Trick or Treat Grab Bags, Everything on Sale 10% ...20% if you show up in costume

5NOV15 SAGA League Game #3  5Points

12NOV15 Freehand Painting of Shields, this is one that I am certainly planning on attending

21NOV15 One-Hour-Wargames rules Demo, explore this innovative  set of rules


  1. I was just in this store on Sunday for the first time. Looked to have mainly historical stuff. They were out of stock on the two things I was looking for though. If I had wanted to start Bolt Action they seemed well stocked for that. Does their discount program work on Warlord or Perry stuff.

  2. If you don't see what you are looking for just ask, they will try to get the item for you and are honest enough to tell you if they can't find a supplier. As far as I know the discount program covers almost everything in the store, but ask just to be sure.

    Matt is the gaming guru so check with him on wargaming specific items.