Monday, August 29, 2016

Lace Wars Part VI, Spanish 3rd Tercio

       I finally found someone that wore a color other than red, gray or blue. The Spanish 3rd Tercio wore green with red cuffs; a get-up the matches a certain Russian Guards regiment. I promptly set about painting them and in less than a week they had gotten to almost finished. The figures are 28mm plastics from Wargames Factory (now being produced by another company, Warlord Games I think). My objective is to be able to field a variety of readily distinguished units for a Imaginations  Campaign based (loosely) on the Caribbean during the Age of the Buccaneers. One thing I insist on is that all of the units be painted to represent a real historical unit, a needless restriction I know, nut one I will not bend!

 You can see the fruits of my labors below. I am still looking for a unit in brown or yellow.........

my inability to leave well enough alone is on display in the command figures of this unit, 
only the flag-bearer and one of the drummers have escaped modification

command figures look like they mean business when they are calmly standing about with their sword held low instead of waving it overhead (at least they do from my point of view)

they still need a matte coat and some highlights

I must admit that I particularly like the way the second drummer turned out

three more units of grunts and I can start on the Horse and Cannons