Friday, June 2, 2017

Of Parapets and Such....

     Having completed the rough shape of the bastions I now needed to add the all-important parapet (that bit of the wall that the soldiers were actually protected by). I cut strips of foam to correct shape and then glued them to the top edge of the bastion, mitering the corners as I went. Below you can see one of the bastions with its parapet installed.

cutting, trimming and installing the parapets took longer than building the bastions did 

     Of course a fortress isn't all defense. It is armed with a multitude of cannon. These need to be able to bear upon the enemy and thus require gunports. lots of them. Having learned while building my model of Fort Matanazas that drafting them onto  the assembled model was difficult I decided to create a template to aid in the drafting of the ports. Behold below the Gunport Widget. It is simply a bit of heavy card with the geometry already worked out so that all that is required to get a set of perfectly matching gunports is the simple act of tracing it onto the parapet.

it took a couple of tries to get the right size and shape

but once I had it figured out drawing identical gunports was a breeze


  1. Great work there buddy. The old foam cutter is singing along.. Your going to have to make the game table much larger...