Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Of Towers and Gateways

     I had a moment to spend on the Starfort. Operationally unprepared to start cladding the fort in card I opted to build a few of the details that make it scream "Spanish!" Corner tower were a must and the spirit of the Baroque era demanded some sort of fancy gateway. While I was contemplating the off-cuts pile it occurred to me that if I made tiny sections of wall that would connect the bastions to one another it would save a lot of space on the table. There was a handy heap of blue board in 5"x5" squares. These were left over from the build phase and were exactly the  right size for wall segments. So, off I went.

first I dug out my old Nemesis, the hot glue gun, and glued the squares into three-high stacks 
(this is exactly wall height)

then I fired up "Proxie " my recently repaired (thanks again OldSarge) 
Proxxon Hot Wire cutter and trimmed the blocks so all the edges were true

the Proxxon cutter is adjustable, 
you can move the spool on the arm so as to be able to cut angles 
tomorrow will be spent clearing away the off-cuts

the wire is nearly invisible, but the cut it makes isn't
the fence holds the work straight as you push the material past the wire

and voila! you have a section of tapered wall

the fort with a small section made into a gateway

and the same with a full-sized chunk of wall

the towers were built of scrap items that I have kept
it will look much better after I have plastered and painted it
I swear!
for details on how I built it see my post from building Fort Matanzas


  1. Coming along very well! Keep at it! I am enjoying watching the project.

  2. Very cool. Love the little corner towers. Clever bit of scratch building there