Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Cold War Infantry

box art, simple and a good basis for painting

    Plastic Soldier Company has released their long-awaited Soviet Cold War infantry set. These are perfect for the USSR forces and most of the Warsaw Pact troops during the Cold War and right through to the collapse of the Soviet system (they can also be used for some of the more lavishly equipped Soviet proxy forces).

      Inside this box you will find all the weapons integral to Soviet infantry at the platoon and company level including man portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles A box or two of these and you will be ready for almost any "Cold War gone hot" scenario that you can imagine. The models are cleanly cast in a hard light gray plastic that shows detail very well, anatomy and posing are excellent. Weapons are realistically sized and delicately cast, none of the over-thick gun barrels that you find on so many metal figures. In the usual workmanlike manner of PSC there are no "dramatic" poses that will end up being left on the sprue; these are all models that you can comfortably include on a wargaming base without looking odd.

     These are an excellent value. They are perfect for Team Yankee and any other Cold War rule set.

the back is informative, if uninspired

inside you will find six each of  two different sprues

side A of the infantry sprue

side B of the infantry sprue

side A of the heavy weapons sprue

side B of the heavy weapons sprue

close up of some infantry

more detail shots, the poses are realistic as is the anatomy

detail is fine and crisp

close up of the heavy weapons 
I love the officer figure, he looks like a guy with a thousand things on his mind

more heavy weapon details

     All in all this is an excellent set of figures and are up to the high standard that PSC has set with their earlier products. I can't wait to get a paintbrush on these and see if I am good enough to do justice to the level of detail present on the minis.

                                                                                              John Thull

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