Sunday, December 8, 2019

An Incident in Tunisia

       It being Pearl Harbor Day I thought that it would be appropriate if we did something WW2. Pearl harbor being a bit lop-sided as a battle I decided that I would present a game based on the first significant strategic invasion n that the US undertook in response; the invasion of North Africa.

a small airfield in the Tunisian back-country just after dawn
viewed from the West

local security was minimal, but there was a weak Panzer company in the area 
viewed from the North

the Allied forces are reported to be far away to the North-West
the Luftwaffe crews go about preparing the aircraft for the days missions 

when suddenly a U.S. armored column, which had spent the night lost in the hills,
 appears coming from the South-West, frantic chaotic calls are made for support
the U.S. Tankers are just as surprised, they were looking for a supply depot!

the lone SDKFZ 222 moved to a flanking position but missed with all of its shots
the M-3 Stuarts were more accurate and the armored car went up in flames

further down the road the other half of the base security force tried to take cover behind the bus depot but was soon surrounded by the onrushing Americans, 
shooting on the fly everybody missed their targets

the lone anti-tank gun on that flank comes out of ambush 
just in time to crushed under the treads of a Stuart

meanwhile the inconclusive firefight at the bus depot continues

who hasn't wanted to crash through a gate with an armored car?
straight out of Hollywood!

the gate didn't offer much resistance

as the Stuarts followed suit and crashed through the perimeter
 fence the Panzer IIIs finally showed up 
the ensuing exchange of fire claimed one Stuart
 and placed a couple of suppressing hit on one of the Panzers

then the M-10s hiding on the ridge to the south added to the show
 and flamed out a Panzer III

the Luftwaffe crews were now manning the 88mm AA gun,
 one of the M-8s fired missing the gun but destroying the truck next to it, 
the Luftwaffe troops barely passed morale to continue to stand by the gun

one of the Stuarts had lost its main gun
 and decided to start wrecking the parked aircraft with its tracks

then the Panzer IVs finally arrived

back at the bus depot both sides were scoring hits and losing vehicles
while the M-10s continued to wreak havoc among the Panzer IIIs

fire from the 88 and the Panzer IV was beginning to take it's toll and the light recon 
forces didn't have an effective answer so the U.S. tanks and armored cars began to withdraw

collecting their wounded the Americans beat a retreat back to the mountain pass

that is except for one tank that was still busy ramming aircraft 

     This scenario was loosely based on an actual historical event. We used my WW2 tank rules with some minor amendments. Everybody had a good time.

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