Sunday, January 15, 2023

Spartacon 2023, A partial photo survey

        First off let me apologize to some of the fine Game Masters whose efforts didn't get recorded; I did get distracted chatting with old friends and new during the first session and in the second I ran my 02 Hundred Hours scenario twice which kept me pretty well occupied throughout the allotted time (in fact I was too busy to even take pictures of my games). Importantly turn-out was up considerably since last year; the weather was very kind and folks seem to have just decided to get over Covid and on with their lives. This bodes well for continued survival of this great little convention. 

Jeff Przybylo presented this very attractive naval game 
featuring "Form on Admiral's Wake" rules and some superbly finished 1/1200 scale ships 

Rob Gendron gave us an ancients battle using "Pointy-Stick" fast-play rule
s and some rather nice 15mm miniatures

the Triumph boys brought us Orks vs Elves instead of the usual historical fare,
and a grand game it was

the event was hosted in a VFW hall which a memorial to Great War vets in the lobby
here is a gas-mask and a German M-88 "Commission" rifle

a Great War era uniform jacket

a note on the post's history

my Grandfather was a member of this organization
 and mighty proud of his time in service

the cabinet as a whole

Terry Brown presented Fight For The University, and event from the Spanish Civil War
 using Bolt Action rules and some nicely done minis and buildings

Todd Kershner presented this delightful game
 using 60mm Three Musketeers minis and All For One rules

I also failed to record the name of the GM that brought this wonderful bit of eye-candy depicting an action in the Western Desert early in WW2  using simplified Flames of War rules

and here is the set-up for the 02 Hundred Hours games that I ran
 (I was so busy GMing that I neglected to take any in-game photos)

in the first game the SAS  came in on the corner with the rocky ground
 but got spotted early-on due to some unfortunate die-rolls and never got close to the objective

in the second game the SAS entered via the corner on the far side of this picture
they were much more fortunate with the stealthy approach and were able to eliminate
 most of the Nazi guards before the Alarm was raised

       This was a great little convention and I had a load of fun. Kudos are in order for the whole Spartacon crew, things ran smoothly, food and drink were available on-site as well as nearby at several good restaurants. The Flea-Market was well stocked with many tempting goodies. I shall be back next year!

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