Wednesday, September 20, 2023

02Hundred Hours game packed up and ready to go

        Among a dozen other things demanding my time I managed to get the terrain laid out and finalized for my game at Pro or Con on Saturday. I then recorded the layout by taking pictures from all four directions (hat-tip to R.U.P. for that idea) and then packed it all up in a nice sturdy box for transportation.

a peaceful portion of northern Poland about to erupt into chaos
a view looking north across the table

I flirted with the idea of painting all the terrain black and then doing highlights in gray but the minis are painted in color so I wasn't sure how that would look, so things stayed in color 
looking east

looking south,
 I confess that I know nothing of Polish farming techniques from the middle 20th century 
so I just went for "postcard bucolic"

looking east

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