Monday, March 21, 2016

New Beginnings......

I have decided to renew/refurbish all of my terrain, I am going to use one color for the base coat on all of my temperate climste terrain and a different color for my desert/arid terrain. All of my area terraain, hills etc will have a single theme. It remains to be seen if painting my ground-cloths will work in a satisfactory manner but I will take steps to fix that as well.

The other important factor is that all of the terrain will fit into a standard-sized storage box. Too many pieces have been damaged over the years from rough storage and random stacking in the terrain bin. From now on they will be neatly packed into the Universal Wargames Standard Storage Unit; more commonly known as a paper-box.

the Universal Wargames Standard Storage Unit
my "paperless" office generates about a dozen of these a month

to ensure that the hills fit I cut the blueboard to size, 
some "high-tech" types would measure the opening, This is the technique I chose

my Grandpa would be proud, 
I checked my measurements before I cut the material

of course my handy friend the Proxxon Hot Wire was instrumental in this project

six sheet fit perfectly in the box

and, after a bit of creative cutting,
 generate a six-by-four foot table of pretty rugged terrain

which fits perfectly into the U.W.S.S.U.

I am going to have so much fun making the guys paint this stuff on Saturday. Next, another box of rugged terrain, then some steep hills and finally some gentle hills


  1. Make us some sections that can connect together to make bigger hills.
    Shall be really easy with that fine new cutter you have!!

  2. U Line makes all sorts of boxes in every imaginable size and shape that will handle smaller items like figures. These boxes will fit inside a UWSSU

    Just Google U-Line