Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Aging Gracefully, the 28mm Dark Ages/Fantasy Fort grows up

I heeded the advice of the comments here and on TMP and added a very thin dark wash to the 28MM Dark Ages fort. As usual the Vox Populi was right, it does look so much better. I used the same paint that I am now using as a standard for all my terrain. This makes it look like it is part of the the groundwork. Thanks to all for the brilliant suggestion!

just enough color to take the edge off and blend it with the surroundings 

a slightly different angle, 
normal 28mm figures look tiny when placed in a model made for "heroic" sized fantasy figure

I added more color the closer  I got to the bottom of the walls

even a properly cleaned stable can get a little dingy 

the first washes were very light as I worked up my nerve

the courtyard looks much smaller when there is a dragon in it looking to hurt you!

This is going to become a new standard for my terrain, it might take me years to update all of it but the wash ties it all together very nicely. I may even begin to use my base coat as the primer coat for all further buildings.


  1. Wow. That's an awesome big chunk of terrain. Really nice building. Cheers

  2. Look out Pro or con, scratch that go with Spartacon they are sure to be there. Now I just need a game to run!