Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WAY too long at sea!!

I finally got my second tramp steamer done and decided to weather it. I got started and then just kept going. Now the ship looks an awful mess, too many years at sea without a proper refit are really leaving their mark! The only thing kept in a decent state of repair is the lifeboat (doubtless because the crew figures it will be needed sooner rather than later!) This model is smaller than my last one and takes up a fair bit less table. All the usual techniques were used building it (check here for the builds of the other ship models I have made) so I won't spend a lot of time on the blow-by-blow of the assembly.

the gaming mat under the model is one-inch squares 

 the view from the other side

she is a stubby little boat

3/4 rear shot

I have to confess, I do love rivets!

the doors are bits of thin plywood and card

the ladder and ventilator cowls are the only parts that weren't scratch-built

oh wait, the portholes, I refuse to scratch-build portholes!

the main hatchway lifts off

mostly so the crew can toss O'Malley in when he is on a drunk!

The crane comes off to ease storage, 
I briefly thought about making the funnel removable too 
but changed my mind


  1. Very nice! I am impressed, I know I could never do that. I especially like that little touch like the rust on the sides of the hull. This ship has long ago made it's maiden voyage.

  2. I love the detail of the port and starboard running lights.

  3. Now all you need to do is make little periscopes with a wake behind them. Then we can play a wolfpack attack on a convoy!

  4. I'm working on a Q-Ship game......