Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thank You to the work detail

I promised photos of the stuff we got done on Saturday. The worst part of the job was finding someplace to put all the hills while the paint dried! Flocking or sanding was applied directly to an additional coat of standard latex house paint and, after being shaken off, was then top-coated with the cheapest hair-spray I could find (stuff works wonders, much better than expensive spray sealants).

Behold the wonders of our labors my comrades!

the Steep Hills selection, two UWSSU hold enough terrain to cover a 8x6 foot table 
safe from chipped corners or scratched flocking!

three long hills fit in one box, 
these are made so as to work together to allow additional flexibility

one round. hill, one really long hill and one long hill, 
alternately you could have one table-spanning hill and two small round ones
the other box is filled with an assortment of smaller hills and hillocks, 
these are made to be able to stack up to three high for truly mountainous countryside

another view, ruler for scale

and they all store neatly under the display cabinet, secure from damage

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