Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oh, She is a dirty tramp!

So I took the advice that I got from reader feedback and gave the 28mm Tramp Steamer a heavy weathering job. This took longer than the build and initial paint job!
Check the pictures below, sorry but The Captain refused to be seen on such a filthy vessel, saying he would rather swim with the sharks!

I still have some details to add; lifeboats, bollards, anchors ventilators etc

in the end I just couldn't bring myself to dirty it up any worse

this sort of state of affairs is just embarrassing

      Thanks to everybody that provided feedback, both here and on TMP.


  1. Looking great. Needs more rust though :-)

  2. I think you should call her SS Venture. No idea where I got that name from though..............;-)

  3. very nice modeling as always.

  4. The rust looks more serious in person, but I will add a bit more when I work up the nerve.

    If my hand was steady enough I would paint SS Venture on her, maybe I will find some dry-transfer letters instead