Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Served this coming Saturday, Agincourt 15mm

KLA has gotten FoG in his head and has volunteered to run a game. We will be staging Agincourt in 15mm using the Field of Glory rules to see if we like the results. The test game last weekend hammered out a lot of rules interpretations so this game should go fairly smoothly.

It looks cool on the table too.

the armies arrayed against each other, just out of longbow range

we will allow the French and English  players certain
latitude in re-arranging their armies

the glittering mass of French chivalry

the steady ranks of the English force

closer view of the French Knights

I am tempted to run this using Hail Caesar as well just to see the difference in the results and compare to the historical outcome.


  1. Very cool - looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Should be fun seeing how it plays out.

  3. I'm super-impressed to see all those 15mm French chivalry in their heraldry. Very cool. It will be interesting to see if the French can do better than they did in real life. I have never seen an Agincourt replay before and look forward to seeing how it goes.

    1. Spoilers: We didn't. It was a spectacular, soul-crushing rout of immense proportions.