Thursday, December 18, 2014

6mm acw at Battlefields

These sort of games always get me interested, they look so much like the old 3-D drawing in the Time-Life Civil War series that I start thinking about finally getting serious and painting the mountain of minis in my basement. A truly lovely game, Lowell Hamilton's games are always a delight for the eye. Once again I was busy elsewhere and unable to follow the action but it sure looked great!


  1. OK. My comment was lost. GETTYSBURG SOLDIERS rules worked 4x faster with same overall results as Fire and Fury. Lowell's terrain was excellent. Played same rules at Mini-Drums with 15mm figures Basement still messed up and ACW buried. Hope to start painting it in February and need to pick up some 15mm US style buildings.

  2. My club has been playing Altar Of Freedom which is a very nice set of rules. It is written for 6mm though we have been playing it in 10mm. It is Grand Tactical with each stand representing a brigade. Well worth a try!!

  3. Great looking ACW set up and armies, 6mm is now my favourite scale for anything but skirmish games! Excellent work, this has inspired me I'll get my Longstreet rules out for a game!