Wednesday, December 31, 2014

B'Maso! - Tip-Toe Through the Biergarten

My apologies for this being stuck in "draft" for so long that I can't remember too much of the game. This was another one of R.U.P.'s lushly pretty B'Maso games that involved a multi-layered scenario with multiple twists in the plot. I led the FFL force in an attempt to free hostages from the brewery office  (the yellow building with a parking lot in the upper right of the picture below). Of course things turned pout differently. My notes are open to revision by any player that recalls this differently, please reply in the comments section.
what we upon arrival, just one blind at the sentry post,
a couple more further into the compound

the FFL tried to approach using cover,
our mission was to free hostages, not reduce the enemy troops

we spotted the sentries after several tries

but we were spotted in return...... a LOT of revolutionaries!

despite a pounding the sentries stand to their post

the FFL ignored the return fire

on the other flank two FFL blinds advanced against one revolutionary

which turned out to be a herd of pigs!

the sentries still refused to flee, even after more hits

the crew in the office were also taking a hard pounding

but were dishing out some hits in return

from the FFL position things were not going well,
too much open ground and too many enemies to close with the office

then, worst of all, the FFL took a wound, The Outrage!!!!

an ex-Soviet AAHMG had opened fire from beside the brewery

the hits on the crew in the office finally generated some casualties

but not enough to allow the FFL to close and free the hostages

the brave pigs revealed both of the blinds on the left flank to be empty

the FFL continued to engage the enemy from the hilltop but made little progress

while the frightened pigs broke down the fence to flee the noise

the sentries finally retired to cover

suddenly a convoy of trucks burst from the brewery

at the same time the crew from the office began to move toward the gate as well,
taking fire along the way

the sentries continued to accumulate hits

 the convoy raced toward the gate

fire from the FFL lashed the lead vehicle in an effort to block the gate

but the truck rumbled on

it finally crashed into a barrier,
but it was past the gate and the other trucks got away

   The upshot of the game was that the FFL was there to rescue hostages that didn't exist. The revolutionaries were there to steal the beer from the brewery and had detained the workers solely to prevent them telling the authorities what was going on. It was a fun game and presented a series of command decision to both leaders who were working to different objectives and unaware of what the opponent was up to.

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  1. Excellent after action report. The terrain is amazing as always when R.U.P. puts on a game. Happy Year.