Friday, December 5, 2014

Thoughts on re-starting a VSF campaign

    My Daftrica campaign collapsed a few years ago after a good run, we were in campaign year seven but too many people had dropped out or were so slow that they were effectively not participating any more. It passed away quietly of apathy. What it also did was leave us with large collections of Victorian/VSF figures. Recently J&R, RUP and I have been discussing launching a new VSF campaign taking into account lessons learned from the previous campaign. Here are some of the primary points;

1. Massively simplified economic system
2. A map that only shows known areas, all the rest of our new "Dark Continent" will remain unknown to all but the gamemaster.
3. Reduced size armies and starting economies
4. Simplified map movement and campaign year

    With these objectives in mind we are considering inviting people to join. There will be hard and fast rules regarding participation and timeliness. You must possess your own army to play (Victorian/VSF only, sorry about being snobs but re-naming a WW1 army just doesn't cut it, and people with "skin in the game" seem to be a lot more committed than casual participants). Basic math skills a must (we will be checking your budgets) and the ability to play twice a month are also minimum requirements.

    This launch may not come off but I would like to see how much interest there is out there. Please reply in comments.


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  2. Would this be face to face gaming? I would be interested and I have a goodly collection of Space 1889 figures but proximity likely would be an issue.

  3. Yes, it would face-to-face, probably twice a month.
    We are in the south end of Macomb County Michigan. email me for further details

  4. I think December 13 is Saturday this year, not Friday