Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dupuy de Lome did it!

Inspired to go whole-hog on the French theme I took a look at the most iconic o French ship of the Pre-Dreadnought period ; the Dupuy de Lome Severe tumble-home, odd turret arrangement, too many funnels; she has it all!

This is what the test model looks like so far.

I traced the hull onto some blueboard 
but stretched the template another three inches to give the model a leaner look

then I traced the barbette deck onto another sheet of blueboard

this is what my "creative process" looks like in action, 
no I'm not a trained draftsman

my new best friend came out to play,

in the blink of an eye two sections were cut

I test  fit everything because I rarely measure carefully

I added some turrets to be sure the look was what I wanted before I went further

I then cut the tumble-home, as is easy to see there will be some sanding involved

next to the other ship she looks very exotic

I do believe that I have gotten pretty close to what I wanted in the first place

wacky turret arrangement, too many funnels, tumble-home, 
yep she looks French to me!

another view

     As always, input is welcomed and encouraged! Several people have asked about the foam cutter, it can be had from Proxxon it works like a dream, they make a hand-held version as well.