Thursday, March 26, 2015

I have been waiting for these guys!

My favorite Aussie Bad Guy, Ned Kelley, is out in 28mm check out this picture (best of all, no faces to paint!);

From Great Escape Games
Other are available from Brigade Games

Now I want Outback to bring back their old décor!!!!


  1. I come from Kelly country. Used to play with friends in the grounds of the house that had belonged to the superintendent that hunted him down. Stayed in a farm house from which he had rescued the old lady resident. And being raised by O'Connor's was taut stories from an early age.

    1. That is SO COOL! Growing up where real history happened is neat. Makes me wish I lived in can't fall down there without landing on something ancient

      If you like email me some photos and I will post them here

      My email is use Kelley Gang in the title

  2. Here are some other Kelly gang options: