Sunday, March 8, 2015

New stuff from Reaper

     Justice&Rule and Honest Dan joined forces to buy the latest Kickstarter from Reaper minis. I am not generally a fan of these grab-bag collections of figures but I have to admit that this is one that I wish I had gotten on board with. J&R brought the recently arrived box of minis by to show off.

      I have always liked the quality of the sculpts of Reaper miniatures and these are very much up to standard. Molded in a semi-soft plastic they are superbly sculpted and elegantly detailed with excellent attention to proportion and balance. Frankly, I am astounded by them. A staggering value as well at an average cost of around a dollar a figure (and some are very large multi-part figures) the price is impossible to beat.

      So, with no further  ado, feast your eyes on just a tiny portion of the collection.

a dwarf with a frightful helmet

 Dr. Jones I presume?

 flipside of the above

there are several cowboy/gunfighter figures,
  all of them delightfully lean in proportion and well posed

 a barbarian with the obligatory oversized axe, 
at least in plastic the weapon isn't so heavy that the figure falls over

 Miss Moneypenny? 
another example of the elegant sculpting

 here Kitty

 six-gun cowgirl,
 from the mask I am betting that a holdup is in the offing

 the Wall Street bull a a fantasy figure

 a very well done Gnoll

 "Daddy I found a puppy, can I keep it?"
a barbarian girl with a Dire Wolf

 she is properly proportioned 
but the axe is completely nuts

 a lioness, 
I have always loved huge predators

 a lion, 
is this the beginning of an MGM movie?

 a couple of creepy cultists

 the cover of a metal-band album?

a tree-elf or a driad or something like that
a really cool figure under any circumstances

     I am going to try to get the guys to let me paint some of these minis. If they do I will post my progress as I go.


  1. Yes I agree. I recently picked up The Black Mist figure to paint up as a change up from all the 1/72.

  2. Since I no longer have the time or the set up I'll gladly cede any claim I have to paint them.

  3. Really nice selection of sculpts.