Monday, March 2, 2015

Ogre, As much fun as ever!

So, we played Ogre on Saturday, it was a blast! We went over the rules and then ran the basic scenario so everybody had a handle on the rules. Then we played a monster game on four of the beautiful full-color boards using six Ogres and TONS of other units. The scenario I concocted was not very balanced and ended in a pretty lopsided fight but everybody had a great time. There is already talk of a campaign game! Playing the game re-enforced the impressive quality of all of the components of this truly MONSTER game, congrats to Steve Jackson Games on the attention to detail and superb quality of this edition of the game.



  1. Awesome awesome awesome!
    Bring on the Campaign!

  2. I need an office job... getting sick from working outside caused me to miss this... unacceptable! yes, my priorities are a little wack...