Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue board madness

         There are times when I don't seem sane (even to myself). One particular form of madness that afflicts me from time to time is a desire to build a model of my favorite fortification in the world: the Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine Florida.

        So, there I was, sitting in my basement looking at a big pile of Blue Board and giving my trusty Proxxon hot wire cutter the side-eye. I had some time to burn and no particular plans. So I decided to try a little free-hand cutting.

      Then this happened.

not too bad for free hand work

 the bastions came out evenly, if needing some sanding

 sloppy draftsmanship didn't help
and the fact that the whole thing is less than four inches across didn't help at all either!

I am slowly working up the nerve for a 28mm version, just you wait!

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